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Motor Third Party Liability
Covers bodily injury and/or material damage to others due to an accident caused by your vehicle
Bodily injury: €7.5 million per claim
Material damage: €2.5 million per claim
Comprehensive insurance
Covers damage to your vehicle due to an accident or following fire, theft, collision with animals and more
Following fire, theft, collision with animals and more
Due to an accident
Following fire, theft, collision with animals and more
Due to an accident
Following fire, theft, collision with animals and more
Due to an accident
Battery cover
Repair or replacement of the damaged battery
Key replacement
Covers up to €300 in case of theft or loss
Charging equipment
Covers sudden and unforeseen damage up to €5,000
New value compensation
In the event of a total loss, we will reimburse you for the cost of buying a new vehicle.
First year
First 2 years
Glass cover plus
Covers all glass parts on your vehicle
24/7 phone support and roadside assistance
Replacement vehicle
In case your vehicle has a breakdown or is immobilised
Tire damage
Covers tire damage up to €600

Some examples of exclusions

This insurance does not cover bodily injury to the driver.

Other exclusions:

  • If your insurance premium has not been paid
  • If the vehicle does not pass the roadworthiness test
  • Damage resulting from an intentional act by the insured
  • This insurance does not cover damage to objects that are being transported or that have fallen out of the vehicle.


Helvetia Global Solutions Ltd is the risk carrier for the insurance program.

Helvetia Global Solutions Ltd is part of Helvetia Insurance, a successful international insurance group with over 11,500 employees and more than 7 million customers.

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Qover is the insurance intermediary and manager of your contract.

Qover is an insurtech that adds tailored cover to a company’s digital experience, enriching their value proposition and driving the user behaviours that fuel growth.

Qover’s modular embedded insurance orchestration platform provides seamless digital insurance experiences to over 3 million users across 32 European countries, and works with longstanding partners like Revolut, Deliveroo, Fisker, Canyon and many others.

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